About Sarah Kaytlin Pfeifer

 As an artist I do so much more than take photos, I make thought-provoking and emotionally-charged photographs inspired by the human form and society. Whether it is style and beauty or something outside the social norm, I often find myself staring at the abandoned or run-down things. The concepts that I am working on are based on fantasy, mythology, and breaking societal standards.

My use of lighting, whether in studio or environmental, has a painterly quality, often inspired by baroque paintings and Rembrandt lighting. I am incredibly passionate about photography and how I can create texture or experiment with taking my photos out of the frame of reference. I am at my happiest when I am behind my camera. My education at Columbus College of Art & Design allows me to experiment with other mediums, and to break out of my comfort zone of commercial imagery.

My work has been shown and sold at CCAD’s Art Fair and Grove City Wine and Art Festival.


My past employment with The Walt Disney Company sparked my love for narrative and people. My clients trust me create intimate, authentic photographs while capturing their stories through photographs. My work has been published in magazines such as Girlfight, Needlework Retailer, and Just Cross-stitch. Although my photography tends to be commercial, I enjoy experimenting which has allowed me to morph into a Jill of all trades. 

Columbus, OH

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