What would pop culture look like if Hollywood was inclusive? What would Hollywood look like if it didn’t cast based on stereotypes? My thesis shows what Hollywood would look if it was completely inclusive, and casted actors based on talent and not outward appearances. In Hollywood, marginalized communities are frequently portrayed as stereotypes and are rarely seen as the stars in movies and television. For example, the plus-sized female tends to be portrayed as the comedic relief or the best friend figure who is longing for beauty and romance while living in the shadow of a traditionally beautiful best friend. I have always personally struggled with my weight and self-confidence and Hollywood’s portrayal of people that look like me has a lot to do with that. I have always wanted to look like the actresses in the movies and until recently my body type hasn’t had fair visibility. It is just recently in movies and TV shows like Dumplin’, Shrill, and Orange is the New Black — all starring plus-sized women or women of color — that prove that marginalized communities are lovable as is.

Columbus, OH

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